Kelly Air Force Base Address
San Antonio, TX

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Kelly AFB, San Antonio Texas


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Kelly Air Force Base

Kelly AFB was located in San Antonio, Texas, the only near-by city of this important military Air Force Base of the USA. It was also home to the 433rd Airlift Wing, which trains troops in the field of air lift and air combat techniques. Examples of aircraft found at the base are the many F-16 Fighting Falcons and C-5 Galaxies. The base is important for different reasons, but only few of them are military since it has split into many subdivisions. It is also the place where people have stayed during the Katrina Hurricane.

The base's existence started in 1916 and it was named Kelly AFB in 1917, in the memory of Lieutenant George E.M. Kelly, who tragically died in 1911, in a plane crash. People at the base are trained, although they are part of a secondary plan in what concerns the USA defense system. The educational facilities for youngsters are poor, all of them found at the near-by city of San Antonio.

The housing facilities were also poor since it has evolved into being a small base, but the Department of Defense still state that this is an important one. It is probably the place where the USAF carries out strategic research.